Spring Cleaning! Why Regular Teeth Cleanings are so Important

Spring Cleaning! Why Regular Teeth Cleanings are so Important Charlotte is starting to warm up again. And you may be thinking about spring cleaning projects: cleaning the gutter, landscaping the lawn, or going through your closets. But don’t forget about yourself! Spring is great time to schedule a teeth cleaning at South Charlotte Dentistry. For achieving and maintaining good oral health, the American Dental Association recommends checkups and cleanings every six months. This helps Dr. Wells stay on top of any problem areas ... Read more

Tricks to Get your Kids to Brush

Tricks to Get your Kids to Brush Every parent knows what a task it can be to get your kids to do anything. Good brushing habits can be difficult to develop, but are vital to prevent tooth decay. Dr. James Wells at South Charlotte Dentistry has some tips on getting your children to brush their teeth.     Tell them a Story. Kids are smarter than we think sometimes. Just telling them to do something because we said so is often not good enough. “Making ... Read more

New Year, New You: Dental Edition

New Year, New You: Dental Edition It’s that time of year again to make your new year’s resolutions! Even if you don’t write them down, it can be a good time to reflect on things you may want to improve over the next 12 months. At South Charlotte Dentistry, we have come up with some resolutions that are great for your overall health plus can really improve your smile and oral health! Eat Better Losing weight is often at the top of everyone’s resolution ... Read more

Dr. Wells of South Charlotte Dentistry Expresses his Views on Dental Trends and the Economy

A recent study published by SIkka Software Corporation indicates a correlation between dental trends and the health of the economy. “There seems to be a connection between the health of our teeth and the health of our economy,” says Dr. Wells, owner and dentist at South Charlotte Dentistry. South Charlotte Dentistry, located in the Ballantyne neighborhood of Charlotte, provides family and cosmetic dentistry. “Oral health care is often sacrificed during times of economic lows,” explains Dr. Wells. The study by Sikka Software ... Read more

Look your Best this Holiday Season with Teeth Whitening

 Look your Best this Holiday Season with Teeth Whitening Most of us can’t believe that it is already November which means Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s are upon us. Every year these holidays seem to come quicker and quicker. It’s time for delicious meals and holiday parties with friends and family. These occasions also bring the opportunity for pictures. It seems that everyone these days is snapping pics with their smartphones and posting them instantly on social media sites. Dr. Wells wants ... Read more

Dr. Wells Reveals Best and Worst Halloween Candy for Children’s Teeth

Dentists are known for saying no to all types of candy. But with Halloween just around the corner, Dr. James Wells of South Charlotte Dentistry knows his patients are going to indulge in the sugary treats. “I want my patients to enjoy themselves for Halloween,” says Dr. Wells, “However, some candy is better for your teeth than others.” Dr. Wells has compiled a list of the best and worst Halloween candy for children’s teeth. Indulging in Halloween candy is a fond childhood ... Read more

Pack a Tooth-Friendly Lunchbox!

Pack a Tooth-Friendly Lunchbox! As the school year gets underway, kids and parents are making decisions about what to eat for lunch. Packing a healthy lunch is important for parents, but you want to make sure your child is eating the lunch you packed. If you kid trades their healthy lunch for soda and snack cakes, then you might be looking at more visits to Dr. Wells! Try packing their school lunch with these tasty, tooth-friendly foods: Fiber. When bad bacteria build up in ... Read more

Introducing Invisalign Teen

Introducing Invisalign Teen At South Charlotte Dentistry, we have been offering Invisalign for a while now. We have been getting tremendous results with our adult patients, and now offer it to our teen patients. As Invisalign technology continues to advance, we have become confident that it is a great fit for the majority of our teen patients. Invisalign is a teeth straightening system that works for the most common alignment issues like cross bites, over bites, under bites, open bites, over crowding, and ... Read more

Electric Toothbrush vs. Regular Toothbrush

Electric Toothbrush vs. Regular Toothbrush Everyone needs to brush their teeth daily. It should make you feel good and clean. But which type of toothbrush do you prefer? We asked Dr. James Wells to give us his expert opinion on which is better: an electric toothbrush or the standard manual toothbrush. “Both do an adequate job of cleaning your teeth if used properly,” says Dr. Wells of South Charlotte Dentistry located in Ballantyne. The Difference The history of the toothbrush goes back a long time. ... Read more

What do you look for in your Dentist?

What do you look for in your Dentist?     Going to the Dentist is a task a lot of us do not like. It can be a pleasant experience or an intimidating one. At South Charlotte Dentistry, we strive to make our patients comfortable while still providing outstanding care. Let’s be honest, some dental procedures can be nerve-wracking or sound unpleasant. But Dr. James Wells and his team have created an environment to help ease your fears and achieve excellent results. Qualities to look for ... Read more