(With the First One Being That It’s Not A Joke!)

Snap-on Smile offers an affordable Alternative for Cosmetic Dentistry in Charlotte NC.

Charlotte seems obsessed with beautiful teeth.  Some people are blessed with a naturally beautiful smile.  The rest of us, with our less than perfect genetics, require a bit of help to get that coveted, perfectly aligned set of pearly whites; and we go to our local cosmetic dentist.

According to Dr. Wells at South Charlotte Dentistry, a typical smile makeover will require one or more cosmetic dentistry procedures (dental veneers, dental implants, gingival sculpting or teeth whitening), for several teeth, in both the upper and lower arches.

But what if you do not want to have your teeth ground down or contoured, or go through oral surgery for months at a time?  What if you simply can’t afford it?

Snap On Smile - Charlotte NC

Ten (10) Facts About A Snap-On Smile

  1. It’s not a joke!
  2. It’s pain free-requires no shots or drills
  3. It requires only two dental visits
  4. It’s remarkably natural looking — you choose the shade and shape of your teeth
  5. It’s comfortable to wear
  6. It requires no adhesives of any kind
  7. You can eat and drink with it
  8. Almost any dental imperfection can be alleviated
  9. You can afford it
  10. It’s available at reputable dentists like South Charlotte Dentistry

Although a Snap-On Smile may sound like a joke, South Charlotte Dentistry claims that this relatively new technology is a viable option for many of their patients.  The practice describes Snap-On Smile as an affordable, non-invasive, and completely reversible dental appliance that is an excellent choice for those with gaps, crooked, stained, or missing teeth, or those who want a comfortable alternative to partial dentures.  Snap-On Smile is made from a specialized medical grade, dental resin, which, according to South Charlotte Dentistry, make Snap-On Smile flexible, comfortable and natural looking.

Procuring a Snap-On smile is refreshingly straight forward, requiring only two visits to your dentist’s office.  During your first appointment, the dentist will determine if you are a candidate and, if you are, he will make an impression of your existing teeth.  This impression is sent to the Snap-On lab to be used to create your custom appliance.  South Charlotte Dentistry staff say that you can expect your appliance to be delivered to your dentist’s office in two to three weeks, at which time you will go for the second, brief “fitting” appointment.  After instructing you on how to place and remove the appliance, your dentist will make a few minor adjustments, if needed, to ensure a perfect fit, and you will be able to wear your new smile home.

Paige Ghareeb
CCP Web Design – Staff Writer

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