Dr. Wells Switches to Breath Rx

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Dr. Wells cares about making sure his patients receive the best available care, and that’s why he switched to Breath Rx products. Dr. Wells has made the switch because he believes that Breath Rx will be a better choice for his patients, and Breath Rx provides much better care than other competing brands.

 Most brands will only target the symptoms related to bad breath and not the overall cause. But Breath Rx is different:

 “Our revolutionary system is designed to treat both the symptoms of bad breath and its causes in three effective steps. By harnessing the potent power of Zytex — our own special blend of anti-bacterial and odor-neutralizing ingredients — the BreathRx system is clinically proven to give you fresher breath all day long.” — Breath Rx website

The difference between Breath Rx and its leading competitors is that Breath Rx not only destroys odor, but destroys the bacteria that cause the odors. Bad breath is actually the smell of the gaseous waste of millions of tiny bacteria inside your mouth! Most products destroy the gaseous waste, but Breath Rx gets to the root of the problem by killing the bacteria too!

Others have tried Breath Rx and have found it to be the best product out there for killing bad breath. One loyal customer said:

I love this product so much that I order the gallon size jug so I won’t run out as fast. Thank you BreathRx for coming out with a product that actually does what it says it should do. I am a lifetime customer!”

The Breath Rx system uses a three-step method to ensure the cleanest mouth possible. The method starts with a good tooth-brushing using the Breath Rx toothpaste product. After brushing, it is recommended that patients use the Breath Rx tongue scraper and spray to remove bacteria from the tongue. The tongue is one of bacteria’s favorite places to hang out, so it is very important not to skip this step. 

The final step uses the Breath Rx finishing rinse. The rinse does a final sweep around the mouth to get rid of any leftover bacteria you couldn’t get out with brushing and scraping first. This final step ensures that the entire mouth is cleaned so that you don’t have to worry about getting into the impossibly tight spaces in your mouth. The entire system has been clinically proven to freshen your breath over time.

Dr. Wells is extremely satisfied with the switch to Breath Rx. And patients will be happy to know that Breath Rx works better than comparable products and is kinder to the pocketbook as well. Christina, one of Dr. Wells’ assistants, noted that, “The cost is much cheaper to both us and our patients.”


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