Dr. Wells Recommends Tom’s Toothpaste

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Tom’s Toothpaste of Maine – Review by Jessica Harmon

Tom's Toothpaste - Recommended by South Charlotte Dentistry

Tom’s Toothpaste – Recommended by South Charlotte Dentistry

Tom’s of Maine is a small company, with only around 150 employees, but that doesn’t stop them from reaching the shelves of big name conglomerates like Walmart. It started out as a small company owned by a couple and has grown into a very popular brand of toothpaste and other household products.

What is so special about Tom’s of Maine is their commitment to natural, organic ingredients. Nothing Tom’s uses is chemically derived and none of their products are tested on animals. Many of their products are vegan, though some do contain beeswax.

Tom’s has earned a reputation for being a socially and environmentally responsible company. They take care of their employees and their customers. Their employees are well cared for, and the company is completely open about the ingredients in their products.

It can be nice to know you’re buying products from such a responsible company, but what if the products that Tom’s offers aren’t any good? Having all of those organic ingredients available on mass market scale means higher prices on the toothpaste. Some may hesitate to try Tom’s based on the hefty sticker price. So before you try it, take a look at some of our reviews of the products!

First, Tom’s comes in a variety of flavors, though we could only find two of these on the shelves at Walmart. The ones available at Walmart were “Simple White” and “Anti-Plaque & Whitening.” When ordering online, Tom’s also has “Clean & Gentle,” “Sensitive,” “Cavity Protection,” “Wicked Fresh!,” “Whole Care,” and “Children’s.” Many of these flavors also come in fluoride and non-fluoride varieties.

Here at the internet marketing division of CCP Web Design, we gave Tom’s of Maine a try ourselves! The toothpaste came to a total of $4.15 at Walmart, but in our opinion it was worth the price!

Knowing that the ingredients are not made of the same standard ingredients of other name-brand toothpastes, we expected to find that Tom’s did not clean our teeth as well. This was not at all the case! In fact, we found that after using the toothpaste every day for a week our teeth not only felt cleaner but looked whiter too!

We found that Tom’s had actually cleaned our teeth much better than many other popular toothpaste brands. There happened to be only one major flaw to the toothpaste brand, and that was taste! The taste of Tom’s was not entirely bad. We agreed we had tried much worse tasting toothpastes before. For example, Aim brand toothpaste may have a much stronger mint taste than Tom’s, but it is actually too strong. We would rather have the taste of Tom’s over the taste of Aim any day!

The problem with the taste of Tom’s was how bland it is. Tom’s barely has a taste, and what taste it does have is sort of like creamy minerals, a very odd combination! Though the taste is not very pleasant, there is a pleasant side effect that comes from it. Because the taste is so bland, the toothpaste has almost no aftertaste. It’s perfect for those who like to brush their teeth before coming down for breakfast, but would rather not have minty orange juice and toast.

Amazon.com users have also given the product great reviews. The majority of reviews gave the product five stars. One of those five star reviews came from “Tyler” in January this year. “Tyler” writes:

“…I decided no more sensitivity, and no more fluoride. I bought this at Wal-Mart for 4.50 for a 6 oz tube. Brushing my teeth never felt better. I was actually surprised at how well it foamed up. The texture was good. It’s not bad tasting, not great either. It leaves kind of an after taste, however a clean feeling. I instantly noticed a more polished, less grainy look on my teeth. Like I said the way it lathers really gives an even coverage. I feel my mouth is ten times cleaner, and am very impressed with the product overall.”

The reviews only go as far down as two stars, and many of the lower starred reviews could only say negative things about the taste rather than the rest of the product. From one such review:

“My teeth feel super clean after using Toms of Maine. The only con of the product is the weird baking soda and licorice taste. If only it could taste a bit better which I understand is probably due to its natural ingredients and lack of artificial sweeteners.” –memo, amazon.com

Overall, Tom’s has its drawbacks just as other toothpaste brands may have. It is hard to make a product that will please every consumer, but Tom’s at least pleases most customers. Tom’s is a good buy and worth the price, so long as you can stand the taste!

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