Fresh Breath Kisses for the Holidays!

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All year long we re-visit those Holiday Office Party stories! Will it be you this year? Lampshade on your head maybe? Going to lead the conga line this year? The “breath of death” under the mistletoe? While Dr. Wells cannot help you if you decide to show off those once-a-year dance moves, he can help you avoid the bad breath stories for the rest of the year. Here are a few tips for keeping your breath fresh during the season.

Avoid the bad breath - Charlotte Dentist recommends Breath RX

Good Party – Great Breath!

1. The number one recommendation is Breath RX! The combination of Zytex and anti-bacterial ingredients in this product are the best solution. Use it before the party and if possible, sneak off to the powder room to freshen up with Breath RX mouth wash after the party snacks.

If there’s not an opportunity to use Breath RX Mouthwash during the event, there are some natural remedies that you might find at the food table or carry with you in your purse.

Charlotte Dentist Dr Wells - Natural Breath Remedies 2. Instead of the Fruitcake try Fruitcake Mints. These also make an excellent party gift for your host. You can order them online.
Breath RX and Mint for the Holiday Season 20123. Mint – Try chewing on raw mint leaves or sipping mint tea. Mint tea is a favorite of Dr. Oz and was recently featured on his show. It has tremendous health benefits in addition to keeping your breath fresh.
  4. Parsley – Parsley is always a garnish at parties. It’s great for curing bad breath because it contains an enzyme that eliminates odor-causing particles. On the negative side, it may get caught in your teeth so be careful to check for that before posing for the pictures.
Breath solutions from Charlotte Dentist - Dr. James Wells 5. Anise Seeds – These tiny little seeds that taste like licorice and are long-lasting. They are the least favorite of the solutions though because they are really powerful and who wants to smell like licorice all night right? Carry them in your pocket. If there’s nothing else available, these will do in a pinch.
6. Peppermint or Peppermint Tree Oil – Perfect for a holiday party! Splash a drop of this in your sparkling water and you are good to go for hours. We wouldn’t recommend it in your beer though.
7. Cinnamon – If Cinnamon Tea is on the menu choose this instead of the holiday coffee. Its also a low calorie choice. Great choice if you want to re-visit the dessert table.
8. Water! Water! Water! – Dry mouth and alcohol are two of the main causes of bad breath. Keep hydrated for good breath and great looking skin.


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