New Teeth Straightening Process has Come to the Ballantyne area!

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Dr. Wells Introduces Six Month Smiles Teeth Straightening Process!

Dr. Wells Introduces Six Month Smiles Teeth Straightening Process!

A new process for straightening teeth has come to the Ballantyne area!  South Charlotte Dentist, Dr. James Wells announced the addition of the Six Month Smiles® process to his practice.  Dr. Wells said, “The Six Month Smiles® process combines the best of all our techniques.  My patients love the nearly invisible Lucid Lok®.  It makes them less self-conscious about the braces.”

The process focuses on moving teeth for the sake of a smile, not to correct the bite.  Using clear braces and tooth-colored wires to move teeth into the placements where they look best within a smile, allows for a shorter treatment type.  The process only takes an average of six months.

The nearly invisible braces and short treatment time makes this perfect for busy and image conscience adults.  An average adult can have their teeth straightened before most people even know they have braces.  Dr. Wells is proud to be able to offer the Six Month Smiles® process to his patients.  He stated, “I look for the most innovative ways to treat my patients, and this process fits.”

There is also a comfort level seen through the Six Month Smiles® process that is not experienced with normal dentist braces.  The initial mold of the patient’s teeth is used to create custom Lucid Lok® braces.  The braces are transferred directly from the mold to the patient’s mouth.  This makes application of the braces quicker and less painful to the patient, making for better dental appointments, happier patients, and happier dentists.

As more people learn about the Six Month Smiles® process, they are eager to try it out.  Past treatments have involved a mouth full of stainless steel brackets and wires that require years to correct a smile.  Those days are gone.  As technology and research advance orthodontic practices, they focus more on making patients feel comfortable and increasing the smile.  A great smile is always the perfect reward.  Stop by Dr. Wells in Ballantyne and ask him how Six Month Smiles® can give your smile a touch up.

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