So. Charlotte Dentistry First To Bring Leading-Edge Implant Technology to Charlotte

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HiossenDr. James Wells is now using Hiossen’s leading-edge implant technology adding a sophisticated new dental implant system to his service offerings.  This new technique allows for a more stable approach to bone drilling, faster healing time for patients and a less risky process.  As the first to invest in the advanced Hiossen Dental Implant system in Charlotte, Dr. Well has been trained on the system of drills that ultimately reduce the risk of infection and complications around steadiness of the drilling process.

The Hiossen Dental Implant System is a series of varying size drills that dentists use to penetrate into bone preparing to ultimately install a crown.  The uniqueness of the Hiossen implant system is the built-in stopper system on the drills that prevents a dentist from drilling too deep or in the wrong direction – which can cause potential sinus infections or even nerve damage to patients.  Another beauty of the system is the aggressive thread design that allows Dr. Wells to change direction of the implant for the final drilling of the bone. Getting a precise fit for an implant expedites the healing process and creates a solid implant structure. It can significantly decrease implant breakage, infection, osseointegration issues, tissue loss, bone loss and nerve damage.

Dental implants are becoming a more common choice for people today versus traditional bridges or dentures.  As the first dental professional to use the system in Charlotte, Dr. Wells is excited to the known as the safest implant specialist in the Carolinas.

The Hiossen Implant system is the fastest growing implant system in the country. For patients interested in the exact procedure using this new technology, there is a good video on YouTube that illustrates the use of the new type of permanent stopper.


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