Six Months Smiles- the Fastest Way to Straighten Teeth

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The Sredheadix Month Smile system is now available at South Charlotte Dentistry.  It is one of the best techniques out there for straightening teeth.  It also happens to be the fastest way of straightening teeth with any substantial results.

The Six Month Smile treatment works just like the traditional braces or the Invisalign braces we offer, in that it straightens crooked teeth and shapes the smile. The Six Month Smile braces are also invisible, making them less embarrassing than traditional braces!

As it says in the name, the Six Month Smile system only takes six months to complete, making it the fastest acting corrective orthodontic fixture available. Most orthodontic treatment with traditional braces can take as long as 36 months, and in some extreme cases even longer! With Six Month Smile, the results occur most often after six months and no later than nine months for the vast majority. The amazing thing about this treatment is that most of Dr. Wells’ patients expect the Six Month Smile treatment to be less effective than traditional braces, and yet most customers are seeing the exact same results as others who have gone the traditional braces route. To determine if they are a good candidate for Six Month Smile, patients should check out this website ( where they can take a smile assessment!

The Six Month Smile treatment system does not work on everyone, especially those with a very complicated problem with their tooth alignment. But Six Month Smiles is usually only a problem for the most complicated cases. The majority of people who come to South Charlotte Dentistry interested in the Six Month Smile are able to get it.

If you are interested in straightening your smile in a matter of months without the hassles of traditional braces, please check out the smile assessment tool linked above and call or stop by South Charlotte Dentistry to find out if Six Month Smile is right for you!

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