What do you look for in your Dentist?

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What do you look for in your Dentist?

The friendly Team at South Charlotte Dentistry looks forward to seeing you!

The friendly Team at South Charlotte Dentistry looks forward to seeing you!



Going to the Dentist is a task a lot of us do not like. It can be a pleasant experience or an intimidating one. At South Charlotte Dentistry, we strive to make our patients comfortable while still providing outstanding care.

Let’s be honest, some dental procedures can be nerve-wracking or sound unpleasant. But Dr. James Wells and his team have created an environment to help ease your fears and achieve excellent results.

Qualities to look for in a Dentist

Knowledge. First and foremost, a dentist needs to have an extensive knowledge about the teeth, gums, and mouth. This knowledge will help them evaluate your mouth and recommend the correct solutions. Their knowledge should be up to date with the latest technologies and procedures to ensure your safety, comfort, and achieve excellent results. Dr. Wells graduated from West Virginia School of Dentistry in 1996 and continues to participate in advanced education opportunities.

Steady and Gentle Hands. The mouth is a tight area and Dr. Wells understands that you can only open your mouth so wide. A good dentist needs to be precise with his movements in order to perform minute tasks in their patient’s mouth. Having dexterous fingers and endurance will help your dentist not tire during long procedures. Being gentle is a must because the mouth is a very sensitive place.

Communication Skills. Being able to break down complex dental problems and solutions in layman’s terms is an essential quality for a dentist. Dr. Wells understands that dental hygiene and oral health is a very personal matter. He aims to explain complicated information and solutions to his patients so that his patients can make the best choice. He also relies on his staff to communicate effectively with him.

Compassion. Knowing your dentist genuinely cares about you is crucial to your dental experience. Dr. Wells and his staff aim to create a relaxed environment and build relationships with their patients that will last for years to come. They empathize with what you are feeling and try to make your experience as good as possible. Your oral health is your dentist’s top priority, but easing your fears and discomfort also needs to be a main concern.

South Charlotte Dentistry, located in Ballantyne, is a dental practice that implements these qualities throughout their practice. Dr. Wells participates in continuing education to keep on top of the latest dental trends. South Charlotte Dentistry also implements the latest technology, like Intraoral Cameras. He has steady hands and a gentle approach during procedures. Dr. Wells and his staff will explain thoroughly their recommendations so that you can make informed decisions. And Dr. Wells truly cares for his patients and community.

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