Tricks to Get your Kids to Brush

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Tricks to Get your Kids to Brush

Every parent knows what a task it can be to get your kids to do anything. Good brushing habits can be difficult to develop, but are vital to prevent tooth decay. Dr. James Wells at South Charlotte Dentistry has some tips on getting your children to brush their teeth.



  • Tell them a Story. Kids are smarter than we think sometimes. Just telling them to do something because we said so is often not good enough. “Making up a fun story can help kids understand why we need to brush our teeth,” says Dr. Wells, “You can tell them that we need to brush away the sugar monsters on our teeth before they make holes and destroy them!”
  • Show, don’t just Tell. Some kids need more convincing than just a good story. Buy disclosing plaque tablets or solutions and use before your kids brush their teeth. The tablets or solution will show all the plaque on your kids’ teeth. Then they can brush it away.
  • Toothpaste Matters. Let your kid choose their own toothpaste. A lot of adult toothpastes are too strong tasting for a young one’s palette. Letting them choose their own will help encourage them to brush more often.
  • Make Bubbles. While brushing, bubbles are a good sign that your kid is doing it correctly. They are creating friction between the brush and their teeth. You can challenge them to a bubble making contestant!
  • Sing a Song. Getting your kids to brush their teeth is half the battle. Getting them to brush long enough is the other half. “Try singing a song around 2 minutes in lengthen to help your kids to keep brushing,” says Dr. Wells. “You can get an egg timer or play a song from your phone.” Brushing for about two minutes is even hard for adults!


Kids will be more encouraged to brush their teeth daily if they see their parents doing the same. Developing good oral hygiene is an important habit to start and can prevent costly dental treatments in the future.

South Charlotte Dentistry is a family practice located in Ballantyne. Dr. Wells has been practicing dentistry for over twenty years and would love to be your family’s dentist. Along with daily brushing and flossing, Dr. Wells recommends getting checkups every 6 months.

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