Preventing Sports Injuries: Mouth Guards

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Charlotte DentistryPreventing Sports Injuries: Mouth Guards

As the weather warms up, a lot of us are out and about playing sports. It’s the season of soccer, baseball, softball, and many more. Even pick-up games of football, volleyball, and basketball are more common as the weather gets warmer. Did you know that the most frequent types of sports injuries to the face are dental injuries?
How can you protect you and your kids from getting their teeth knocked out or even a concussion? Mouth guards can help prevent a variety of sports injuries. There are several types of dental injuries that a mouth guard can prevent: fracture, avulsion, and luxation. These injuries can be very expensive to fix, yet a mouth guard easily protects again them. A mouth guard also helps players breathe easier and could help prevent concussion.

There are three types of mouth guards:

Custom-fitted: These are the best at helping to prevent injuries. Dr. Wells can custom fit a mouth guard to your mouth. They are little more expensive, but still less than fixing a dental injury!
Stock: These are pre-formed, ready to wear mouth guards. They are quite a bit cheaper, but can be bulky and make breathing more difficult during activity
Boil and Bite: There mouth protectors are a bit better fit than stock guards, but don’t provide the same protection of a dentist custom-fitted protector.
Dr. Wells of South Charlotte Dentistry can custom fit a mouth guard for you or your child. According to the American Dental Association, the most effective mouth guard should be comfortable, resistant to tearing, and resilient. A mouth guard should fit properly, be durable, easily cleaned, and not restrict speech or breathing.
Custom mouth guards are the best protection for your teeth during sports. They help prevent injury to the mouth, teeth, lips, cheeks, and tongue. They can also cushion blows that could cause jaw fractures. Recent studies show that the majority of mouth injuries occur in youth sports like baseball, basketball, soccer, softball, gymnastics because mouth guards are not required. In order to protect you and your child from dental injury, make an appointment with South Charlotte Dentistry today.

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