Dental Plans Explained

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Dental Plans Explained

It’s that time of year again- no, we aren’t talking about the holidays. It’s time to renew or revise your health insurance! Ugh! Looking through plan after plan can be disheartening this time of year especially with all the holiday hoopla going on. But your health is important- and we want to help you find the right dental insurance or plan for the coming year.
Finding the best dental health care can be a daunting task. Here is some advice to make it a little easier.
First- if your employer offers an inexpensive dental plan, then use it. Usually dental health plans from employers are fairly inexpensive add-ons to your health coverage. These plans may not cover a lot, but the will usually allow for 2 checkups a year as recommended by the American Dental Association.
If you are buying your on dental coverage consider these three options: insurance, discount plans, or health credit cards.
There are two major choices when it comes to dental coverage: insurance and discount plans. Dental insurance works like any health insurance with premiums, deductibles, and different coverage plans. Dental discount plans are like membership programs with an annual fee and access to discounted services at participating dentists.
Before purchasing either one, patients should consider all aspects of coverage. Monthly premiums, treatments covered, maximum annual limit, deductible, waiting period, choice of treatments and dentists are all factors to think about before purchasing a plan. Consider your dental health needs before deciding. You can even consult with Dr. Wells at your next visit to discuss upcoming or needed dental procedures.
Credit cards for health care are becoming increasingly popular. “We recommend Care Credit to our patients,” says Kim Whitman, our Financial Coordinator, “They are easy to work with and there are no waiting periods like with some individual plans.” Credit lines for healthcare often cover any treatment a patient chooses as long as it improves the patient’s mouth health, even elective and cosmetic procedures. South Charlotte Dentistry also offers to pay the interest and the patient just pays for the services.
Since the cost of dental procedures can be a burden, it is wise to know your options for dental health coverage. Before the annual renewal period is over, consider all your options.

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