Discount Dentistry Will End Up Costing You More and Possibly Your Health

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The temptation is there: if you’re low on cash, time and need dental work done, running across a monthly special at any dental site can seem like a deal too good to be true.

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Unfortunately, it just may be.

Discount dentistry at a fraction of the cost could end up costing you more than your smile for more than one reason.

It’s not uncommon; avoiding the general dentist for extended periods, fearing dental treatment, the cost, or being unable to fit dental work into your budget can keep you away from the dental healthcare you need.

Discount dentistry and other monthly specials can provide many of the same services provided at your general dentist. It can be an inexpensive alternative when you’re on a tight budget to have dental students perform easy, preventative care like cleanings, X-Rays, or root canals. Dentist students need on-the-job training before becoming licensed, and perform under the supervision of a licensed dentist.

Before you’re off scheduling an appointment for the next advertised discount or special, buyer beware: these deals are not always appropriate for every type of treatment. You should consider the following:

  • Access to Dental Records– Dental students don’t have the luxury of knowing repeat patients and moreover, your detailed dental history.
  • Time– The licensed dentists in dental schools must carefully balance working with both the patient and the student, which can result in dental treatments lasting far beyond their average time or requiring the patient to return for numerous clinic visits.
  • Insurance Policy and Payment– Clearing your insurance policy with schools or having to pay up front and then waiting for reimbursements can be more of a headache than any pain your teeth could cause. The prices can certainly be cheaper, but are not a one-size fits all for every patient.

However, at South Charlotte Dentistry, we believe you can get the care you need at the price you want.

We know that your teeth are essential to your daily functioning, esteem, and moreover, your health. Prioritizing your dental care is our mission, and we want to enable you to choose the best treatment plan.

At South Charlotte Dentistry, we are ready to build a trusted relationship with their patients both new and old to provide the care, experience, and expertise for your dental health. Call today to talk to us about your smile!


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