The iTero Scanner: New Technology Means We Can Serve You Better

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Everyone at South Charlotte Dentistry is excited about our newest piece of technology, the iTero scanner, that will drastically make taking dental scans more accurate, less messy, and way more comfortable for patients. This is a major upgrade to our dental office and we can’t wait to share it with you.

We are always looking for new, better ways of procedure and we are already seeing a huge benefit by using the iTero scanner. Patients like it as well since it takes the place of making those gooey, messy mouth molds. You remember the process—a mold is coated in that purple or pink Play-Doh-like substance and shoved into your mouth and you have to bite down on it for what seems to be hours and you can’t swallow, but you do anyhow, and it burns and tastes like melted plastic. Ringing a bell?

Making molds can be messy, but it is necessary since they are used to create crowns or bridges for cracked or broken teeth. In most cases, molds are used to fix a singular tooth, as 85 percent of repair units are single crowns rather than full bridges. The process of making molds is so important that we have been vigilant in finding ways to make the process better—and finally, we have!


How the iTero Works

Even though the machine itself looks intimidating with its flashing lights and buttons, using the iTero is pretty simple. The device comes with a detachable handheld scanning wand that uses a digital laser scanner—similar to the bar-code scanners used in grocery stores—and it scans the interior of your mouth quickly, accurately, and with much less mess.

The digital mold that is created is far superior to the old-fashioned ones that could crack and break and only be used a few times. They also had to be hand delivered to the lab, which took precious time and effort away from the dental technician working with the mold. The iTero’s digital impression can be used over and over and you never have to worry about it getting damaged or tampered with.


There’s More!

Not only does the iTero scan your mouth and create a digital mold with ease, but it also contains a feature called, “The Smile Simulator.” This fun feature scans your teeth and, in about ten minutes, produces a visual estimate of what your teeth will look like after treatment. This is highly beneficial because now the patient can see what the treatment he or she is about to have will do, which in turn restores confidence and makes the process a little easier.

Here are a few more of the benefits of using this upgraded method of digitally scanning:

· The iTero scanner provides increased impression accuracy, which makes for better fitting aligners and restorations. For example, once the scans are completed and sent to the lab, only 0.4% of iTero’s scans are rejected, compared to the continual 4% of rejections that came from using impressions.

· Dental offices that have been using the iTero scanner have reported drastic efficiency and profitability, as the scanner saves close to 25 minutes per patient. Also, the higher levels of accuracy help reduce adjustments needed, which can save dentists 30-40 minutes per case. Saving time is beneficial for both dentist and patient and it allows for more purposeful and productive appointments.

· The iTero works with orthodontics, implants, and includes exclusive Invisalign connectivity. Also, the iTero STL files can integrate third-party CAD/CAM systems, CT scan files, and digital orthodontic services that allow the development of surgical guides and temporization.

· iTero’s digital scans can be sent directly to the lab, which improves communication and workflow. Now doctors can virtually collaborate with labs and technicians, which eliminates packaging, writing lab scripts, and shipping.


We’re all about improving our practice here at South Charlotte Dentistry, and the iTero scanner is absolutely a move in the right direction. Imagine never having to worry about filling your mouth full of that old gunk again. All it takes is a scan and your x-ray image appears on the screen. It’s really that quick and easy.

Come see us and get your first iTero dental scan today!

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