Best New Dental Travel Products For Your Summer Vacation Bag

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Healthy Summer Dental Tips

Summer vacation looks different for everyone, but whether you’re flying down a water slide, roughing it in the great outdoors, or exploring a new city on foot and food, the last thing on your mind should be your teeth! If you’re traveling with the right dental accessories and keeping your daily dental routine of brushing and flossing, then you won’t have anything to worry about.

Don’t leave home without the right items to care for your gums and teeth! At South Charlotte Dentistry, we have the packing lists and tips to keep you and your beautiful smile prepared for the next Summer adventure.


Pack properly with the right bag and travel cases for your dental supplies.
Store your toothbrush in a bag with plenty of air circulation. The bag you choose for your toiletries should have plenty of space for all your supplies to fit comfortably. Mesh bags are a perfect, breathable toiletries bag option.

Your toothbrush itself needs a case that is both travel safe and breathable. After using a toothbrush, it needs to dry out, especially before it gets packed away again. When you’re at home, it’s super easy to place your toothbrush upright in a cup, giving it plenty of time to dry out between uses. But when you’re trying to catch a flight, quickly packing to leave a hotel, or sharing bathroom space with other occupants, you’ll need to put your toothbrush away even when it’s damp.

In the past, you may have just tossed your toothbrush into your toiletries bag without a case, or placed the still-damp head of the toothbrush in a Ziploc bag. However, when your damp toothbrush is placed in a dark place against other highly trafficked items, it’s now in the perfect conditions for bacteria to thrive!

Protect your toothbrush by purchasing a travel container. The best way you can keep your toothbrush clean and free of germs – even when it’s damp! – is with a protective container. Look for a BPA-free toothbrush protector to clip onto the head of your toothbrush that has holes for air circulation.

The Steripod Toothbrush Sanitizers clip onto most manual and electric toothbrushes and are treated with a laboratory-formulated thymol compound that can keep your toothbrush fresh for up to three months.

Tip: Ensure that you’re giving your toiletries bag, cases, and tools a wash or sanitization after the trip and before its next use. Bacteria and germs can build up as you tote your bag around to new bathrooms, countertops, and other spaces.


Our favorite dental product picks for Summer 2021:
You would never leave for a vacation abroad without your passport, so why would you leave your tools to care for your oral health behind either? Make a list of all of your dental essentials and make sure that they’re packed and ready to go before you leave for your vacation! Don’t risk leaving behind a nightguard, retainer, toothbrush, toothpaste, or floss.


Travel-sized toothbrushes
Vacations are a time away from our daily routine! We may be eating more snacks throughout the day, or indulging in more sugary treats – and you shouldn’t hesitate to do either, it’s a vacation! Just be sure that you have a toothbrush on hand at all times to brush in between sugary snacks and meals!

There are foldable travel toothbrushes that double as a traveling case, kids travel-sized toothbrushes, and dental hygiene travel kits.

There are disposable, single-use toothbrushes that can easily fit in your pocket, purse, or dashboard. These are great if you don’t have access to a bathroom, or just want to brush your teeth in flight. The Colgate Wisp doesn’t even need water – you can brush your teeth wherever you are!
You don’t have to forego an electric toothbrush either if that’s your preference. This sleek Lumio travel electric toothbrush comes in a self-cleaning, ultraviolet lit case, and lasts for two weeks on a single charge.


Eco-friendly and reusable toothbrushes
Did you know that 3.6 billion plastic toothbrushes end up in our oceans and landfills every year? If you’re trying to cut down on plastic waste, then make the switch to bamboo toothbrushes! Bamboo toothbrushes are an effective and cost-efficient alternative, which are also long lasting and eco-friendly. Bamboo toothbrushes are biodegradable, come in compostable packaging, and do not use any glue, paint, dyes, or contain any chemicals like BPA. There are also travel-sized bamboo toothbrushes.


It might be tempting to forego toothpaste in your carry-on if your handy tube at home doesn’t meet TSA requirements, but please don’t! You’re going to want to properly clean your teeth after in-flight meals, between layovers, and especially when the airline potentially loses your checked bag! A travel-sized toothbrush (manual or electric, see our recommendations above) and toothpaste are a must have!


Dental Floss
FDA certified dental floss picks come in 100-count travel packs. They’re convenient, portable, and great for travel. They make flossing easy! The arch design handles are simple for adults and kids to move between teeth and clean hard to reach areas.


Cordless Water Flosser
For those who love their water flossers, there are great cordless, travel-sized, and TSA approved options. Like this cordless water flosser, some can hold a charge for an extended period of time and only require batteries to be replaced every 1 to 2 months. Water flossers are incredibly efficient tools for removing plaque and unwanted food from your teeth and gums.


Fresh water
If you’re camping or staying in an area where the water isn’t safe to drink, you shouldn’t brush your teeth with it either. Pack and use bottled water or boil water to brush your teeth with.


Happy Summer Vacation from South Charlotte Dentistry!
Be sure that you make a list of your essentials and check your packing twice! Your dental hygiene tools are essential to your overall teeth and gums’ health, but also for you to have a clean and healthy smile while you’re on vacation.

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