Preventive Dentistry: The Key To Healthy Teeth

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Tips for Preventative Dental Care

Countless people have a troubling attitude towards their healthcare — until it becomes an unignorable problem, I’m not dealing with it.

Oral and dental healthcare isn’t much different, in fact, some studies say it’s even worse when it comes to dental hygiene. Over a third of Americans, 36%, reported they don’t go to the dentist once a year.

The folks at South Charlotte Dentistry know just how important preventive dentistry is. Serving the Charlotte area since 1999 they know just what type of care you need to maintain dental health, prevent possible health problems, and protect your teeth and mouth.


A Look At The Perks of Preventive Dentistry

Preventive dentistry has some invaluable benefits for those who schedule frequent checkups. While the description of preventive dentistry can mean a few different things. Including, but not limited to —

  • Regular Oral Exams (Typically every 6 months)
  • Teeth Cleanings
  • Routine X-Rays

All of which are offered and performed by staff at South Charlotte Dentistry

While a visit to the dentist once or twice a year seems small, the tangible positive impacts on your health are enormous.

Here are just a few ways utilizing preventive dentistry will benefit you:

  • You have a much lower chance to develop tooth decay, gum disease, and other problems associated with lack of dental care.
  • Good dental habits are enforced and encouraged, which means your health will hold up between visits.
  • Catching problems early can minimize damage and long-term negative health effects, which means you’ll save money in the long run.
  • Full exams inspect more than just the mouth, your jaw and neck are checked for potential early issues.
  • Reduces chances of dental problems tied to other health issues. Like, blood pressure, cancers, diabetes, etc.


Scheduling Before It Gets Too Expensive

One of the perks mentioned was the likelihood you’ll save money if you catch a dental problem early. That’s a bonus that cannot really be exaggerated.

Studies show that for every dollar spent on preventive dentistry you’ll save up to $50 on emergency medical fees!

While some dentists see that as a way to make much more money, South Charlotte Dentistry instead sees their patients like family. They’re ready to help every step of the way, to keep you away from high bills and on the path to perfect dental health.

Getting to the dentist regularly may feel like a pain but that’ll be small compared to what could happen if a problem is allowed to grow, fester, and worsen.

South Charlotte Dentistry knows how hard it can be to fit regular appointments into an already hectic schedule, that’s why they’re flexible and easy to contact.


Preventive Dentistry and Your Children

If you were blown away by the general benefits of preventive dentistry, the bonuses your child may receive will be even more impressive.

Children experience significant changes related to their oral health. Losing baby teeth, growing permanent teeth, developmental problems, etc. are all reasons it’s important to have a professional look at your growing child.

Good dental habits picked up early will likely continue for the rest of your child’s life. While that reality may seem daunting, it also allows you to give them the gift of good dental hygiene early. Regular dental visits are necessary to allow a dentist to make sure growth is happening safely and properly, and to guide your child to the best practices for their health.

While baby teeth not being permanent teeth may seem like a perfect excuse to pay little attention to your child’s dental health, you’d be surprised. More than half of children aged 6 to 8 have had a cavity in at least one of their baby teeth. Those with a propensity to get cavities in their baby teeth are significantly more likely to have them in their permanent teeth.

Here are some helpful ways to see if your child needs extra attention when it comes to their dental health and cavities –

  • There are higher rates of cavities in their family, like brothers, sisters, or parents.
  • They eat/drink foods with high sugar content.
  • They have dental/orthodontic appliances.
  • They have special health needs.

Not to mention the need to catch crooked teeth or other problems so you can get an early referral to an orthodontist.

There’s a helpful article you can skim to see some other ways an early examination of your children’s tooth development can pay off, and when to visit the dentist in the first place. You can read more about that here.


Summer: The Season For Children Checkups

And there’s no better season for checkups for your children than right now. Summer is the perfect time to schedule preventive checkups for your kids. No hassles with school schedules, sports games, or after-school activities, provide an easy time to get your children to the dentist.

Not to mention, using the usual lack of structure summer comes with to provide some structure and instruction related to proper dental habits is a big bonus of the season.

Most importantly, if you made your appointment around June, the perfect 6-month window would end up right around Christmas break, making sure your kid stays in school without missing days and have easy access to professionals that can help them maintain peak dental health.


Preventing Dental Problems in Between Visits

Preventive dental visits are half the battle, taking preventive steps at home is the other half. Adding just a few things to your dental hygiene routine, alongside regular preventive dental visits, can keep your dental hygiene in great shape.

  • Brush your teeth properly, twice a day. This means brushing your tongue and brushing for the whole recommended two minutes. Brushing also works best when you’re replacing your toothbrush as needed, which is usually once every three months.
  • Floss every day. This is a tip recommended by every dentist out there but still, few people follow through. While flossing if you aren’t used to it can be uncomfortable, so does going to the gym for the first time in a long time. Just because it makes you uncomfortable doesn’t mean it’s not good for you!
  • Eat well. A balanced diet has health benefits that are widely felt, their impact on your oral hygiene and health are no different. Making sure you’re eating right, limiting sugars and junk food, and getting the necessary nutrients is a great way to fight all sorts of potential health and dental problems.
  • Drink water. Most Americans aren’t drinking enough water throughout the day and while this has a profoundly negative impact on every aspect of your health, it also impacts your dental health. Staying hydrated is a great way to prevent dental problems and maintain a healthy oral balance.

These tips, alongside a reliable dentist you visit twice a year, are some of the easiest and most evident ways you can change the health of your mouth and often, the rest of your body.


Scheduling A Preventive Appointment

Whether we’re talking about you or your children, one thing is clear. Regular trips to the dentist are the best way to maintain oral health and prevent big problems.

Though, if you’re planning on visiting a dentist twice a year, you want them to be one that you can rely on. South Charlotte Dentistry has the expertise and professional knowledge to not only provide preventative treatment but catch problems in their tracks.

With a large staff, all bringing unique talents, and an office that’s been serving the Charlotte area for years, it’s clear why they have received such positive reviews from patients.

So, if you’re one of the many Americans who have been avoiding your regular checkup, now is the time to get the preventative care you need, to save your health and wallet in the long run.

Schedule an appointment with South Charlotte Dentistry today!


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