Great Oral Care? There’s An App for That!

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Did you know there was an iphone app for dental care? Well there is. And not just one. Technology can actually help give you a brighter, whiter smile. Why leave it up to chance to remember that next dental appointment or keep up with the latest news on proper oral care? You shouldn’t. You can use your smart phone and make forgetfulness and mix-ups a part of the past.

Smart phone apps can help you set and keep appointments. You can set reminders for appointments and you can set up alerts to help you keep up with the news. Get updates monthly, weekly or by the hour! New alerts can help you stay informed and avoid missing opportunities.

Getting to know all the opportunities that new technology can provide does involve getting around a learning curve, but it is well worth it. Go online to the app store and surf around to see what opportunities to learn might be available. Here are few ideas to get you started.

Real Simple Edu makes an app that lets you learn all about dental care and it has flashcards and quizzes that have been updated and improved based on customer feedback. It tells you all about oral diseases and the signs and symptoms you can look out for before trouble begins. And it’s available for ipad too!

Got kids? Try Brush It Up – a terrific app that helps teach kids how to brush with a fun game. Then there’s Brace Face for pre-teens. Brace Face lets you take a picture of yourself and see what you’ll look like with braces. Let’s be honest – some kids still think it’s cool. Check it out – you might like it.

Dental Aid provides great detailed information. It is a patient guide to the main common dental treatments and procedures that provides great information with plenty of illustrations. Dental Aid helps facilitate communication between patients and dentists and helps patients with anxiety about procedures too.

Dental Anxiety is an app too! It’s easy to use and helps get nervous patients through a step by step guide for overcoming anxiety and dealing with nervousness. If you have dental phobia you can retrain your mind and re-program your thinking to feel more confident, comfortable and ultimately get and keep that winning smile you’ve always wanted.

Then there’s Happy Teeth for the unconcerned dental patient who wants to have some fun while taking great care of teeth and mouth – this app allows you to enjoy fun music and amazing graphics while showing the quadrants of teeth you should be brushing. An adjustable timer will allow you to set the desired length of time for brushing.

There are literally hundreds of great apps to make staying healthy fun! Now go to the app store and see what grabs your interest. When you’re finished call and make an appointment to see Dr. James A. Wells at South Charlotte Dentistry. Dr. Wells can help you get and stay on track. He uses the latest technology and materials in his practice and he can help you stay healthy and look great. Call Dr. Wells at 704.759-8333 or visit his website today at


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