The Truth About Dental Implants

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Truth About Dental Implants

Studies show that nearly 69% of adults aged 35 to 44 have lost a permanent tooth. The loss of a permanent tooth is never easy and can sometimes make you feel like you’ll never have the smile you once had.  

Thankfully, dental implants are one of the best ways to return to that smile after losing a tooth. And while they seem like a clear choice, the myths that surround them keep many far away. While the price and procedure may seem intimidating, you’ll be surprised to learn just how much misinformation hangs over something like dental implants. There’s a lot you aren’t told when it comes to dental implants, and that lack of information leaves many going without. 

Even more so, dental implants are accessible, and surprisingly common, with dental offices like South Charlotte Dentistry having significant experience in both the implant process and helping the patient understand dental procedures. The bottom line is simple — Don’t let the scary myths around dental implants keep you from a perfect smile. 


The Myths Surrounding Dental Implants

There are countless myths that affect people’s perspectives on dental implants. With some being capable of putting off any desire to get dental implants altogether. There’s good news though, myths are just that — myths, once you learn more about dental implants you’ll be reaching out for an appointment in no time. 


You Won’t Be Able To Afford Dental Implants

One of the largest perceived barriers to restoring a missing tooth and smile is cost.

“Dental implants seem very complicated, there’s no way they could be affordable!” is a common sentiment shared by many. 

While the initial price can seem burdensome, the investment comes out to be much cheaper than alternative options. Dentures and bridges often require substantial maintenance, upkeep, and continual checkups, leading you to spend much more money, and time, to keep your smile. Inversely, dental implants require minimal follow-up appointments and have a much longer life span. 

Additionally, though dental implants may seem purely cosmetic, some dental insurance policies cover them, so it never hurts to double-check with your provider!


Dental Implants Won’t Feel Natural 

Since you’ll have a dental implant for a large amount of time, you likely want it to feel natural and realistic. While the tooth is artificial, its look, feel, and function are all extremely similar to your natural teeth. Some people report needing some time to adjust to the new implant, but afterward, it will feel no different than all the other teeth in your mouth. 


It’s Impossible To Get Dental Implants Without Perfect Teeth

If you’ve lost a tooth with a less than straight smile, it may seem impossible to capture the uniqueness that was there before. You may view dental implants like puzzle pieces, only made to fit into a perfectly straight smile. But that’s a common myth, because — anyone with a solid jawbone can receive dental implants. This is because the crowns are placed on a metal post, which performs much like your natural tooth roots, meaning that capturing your previous smile is much easier than you may expect.

As long as you have a healthy jaw, gums, and a missing tooth for the implant, the likelihood you’ll be a candidate for a dental implant is very high. 


You’ll Have To Learn To Talk Again

Another barrier to seeking dental implants is the possibility of it impacting your ability to speak. For people working full-time in a field that requires conversation, the prospect of having speech difficulty is enough to impede any possibility of a dental implant. While it may take a few days to adjust, typically the effect on speech is minimal, meaning that you can get right back into the swing of things with the smile you’ve been dreaming of! 


Dental Implants Cause Oral Damage 

Some shudder at the thought of a metal implant inserted into their jaw or gums. That general fear contributes to many misconceptions that surround dental implants. Fear of “screws” hanging from your gums, limitations in speech, and pain, keep many away from the procedure.

While you may be uncomfortable during the procedure, dental implants often cause much less pain, require less time for healing, and are generally less troublesome than people imagine. Implants can actually protect your oral health overall, through both the preservation of teeth and bone, leading to less pain and discomfort down the road. 

It’s important to understand that few medical procedures are relaxing, but dental implants are much easier than you may think, and the reward is well worth it. Additionally, you can expect some form of anesthesia or other pain management options when going forward with the implant process. So. you’ll have some peace of mind going into the dental implant process. 


It’s Too Late To Get A Dental Implant 

For those who have had a missing tooth for quite some time, you may think that the window for a dental implant has closed. If you’re among those people, you may be surprised. The amount of time since you’ve lost a tooth or had an extraction is oftentimes not the deciding factor when it comes to receiving a dental implant. The key is bone health. As long as the site of extraction has the ability to support the metal base of the implant, you’ll likely be a great fit. This even applies to individuals who have been using alternatives, like dentures or bridges! Though checking with your dentist is always an important first step if you previously had an extraction. 


Dental Implants Only Last A Few Years

Countless people put off getting dental implants because they see them as a poor investment. After all, why would you go with the more expensive option over bridges and dentures if it still requires replacement? But that train of thought is far from the truth. Dental implants have much more longevity than alternatives and some studies show that nearly 98% of implants can last for 40 to 50 years. Implants are designed to last you a lifetime and keep you from spending more money or time at the dentist to keep your smile perfect and gap-free.


What It’s Really Like 

Don’t let the lack of information make dental implants less desirable, and in many of the myths we’ve dispelled you’ve read a bit of what getting dental implants is really like.

It’s a regular, minimal pain procedure that results in a lifetime of better oral health.  

You’ll first need a consultation, to make sure you’re a valid candidate for implants. Afterward, they’ll surgically place posts that are designed to receive the “tooth” portion. Then, they’ll wait for the implants to stabilize, and while this can take some time, you won’t have an implant in your mouth for long before the crown is placed. 

Dental implants are durable and last longer than alternatives. They’re permanent, removing the need for messy adhesives, and the possibility of slippage or outright removal. They have a natural look. They make eating easier. And most importantly, they improve confidence and self-esteem. 

Additionally, the professionals at South Charlotte Dentistry have years of experience with dental implants, meaning that you’ll receive the best care, treatment, and comfort possible when getting your own dental implants. 

Now that you know that the best dentist in Charlotte is ready to help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted, (and the procedure that can make it happen isn’t as scary as you may have thought) make the first step in getting your dental implants and schedule a consultation with South Charlotte Dentistry today. 

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