Do Chipped Teeth Heal On Their Own

Chipping a tooth is something that many Americans have experienced and while it’s a relatively common dental occurrence, many people still have a number of questions surrounding just what happens when, and after, you chip your tooth. 

The emotions that chipping a tooth can cause people can vary, with panic being one of the most common reactions. While a chipped tooth isn’t necessarily a cause for panic, it also usually requires some dental care.  

One extremely important thing for those with a recently chipped tooth to understand is that chipped teeth do not heal on their own. 

No portion of your tooth returns, and you’ll need the help of a dental professional to return your smile back to normal. Though the severity of the break determines the exact type of care you will require. 

Smaller chips can usually be fixed by using a filler or bonding, which will fill in the portion of your missing smile. Larger chips may require a crown or veneer to return to a natural look. And some of the worst breaks can necessitate a full root canal to save the tooth and protect nerves and blood vessels. Judging exactly what your tooth requires can be difficult — so leaving it to a professional is the best idea!  

Preventing Chipped Teeth

You can chip your tooth in a variety of ways, so it’s easier to know how to prevent a break from occurring than knowing exactly when it will occur. Here are some key ways to prevent a chip in your tooth.

  1.  Avoid Hard Foods — Hard candies, fruit pits, kernels, and ice are all major culprits of chipped teeth, avoiding biting down hard on these foods, or avoiding them altogether will go a long way in preserving your smile.
  2. Don’t Use Your Teeth as a Tool — Since your teeth are strong it’s tempting to use them to open containers, bags, etc. but staying away from that temptation reduces the chances of chipping. Dentists recommend not using your teeth in any of these ways, as chipping during this type of use is very likely. 
  3. Wear Mouthguards — Arguably the most effective way to prevent the chipping of your teeth is to wear mouthguards. If you’re involved in contact sports or any activity that increases your chances of a collision or hard contact, a mouthguard is a must. If you need a mouthguard, going to a dentist is a great idea and South Charlotte Density has you covered! 

Visiting The Right Dentist

Whatever the case, if you have a chipped tooth, it’s vital you visit the right dentist. South Charlotte Dentistry has been serving the Charlotte area for years and has a track of success, ranging from the smallest chips to the biggest chips. So, don’t wait on that tooth to heal on its own — because it won’t! — Visit South Charlotte Density today and return to the smile you once had!  

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