At South Charlotte Dentistry, we offer traditional dental crowns and Same-Day Crowns.

Dental CrownsOur teeth go through a lot in a lifetime. Wear and tear may show up in your teeth through discoloration, chipping, or cracking. Sometimes, it is hard to tell if your tooth is cracked until you get a dental exam. But if you are experiencing pain while chewing or sensitivity to hot and cold liquids, you might have tooth damage.

If you are experiencing pain or just self-conscious about a cracked, broken, or discolored tooth; we can restore your tooth with a dental crown.

If you have missing or damaged teeth, dental crowns can restore your smile and your confidence. A dental crown is a prosthetic restoration where a dentist places a cap on your tooth that restore the tooth to its normal shape, size, and function. Dental crowns are a secure restoration process that protects your teeth and improve your smile.

How do Dental Crowns work?

  1. Wells and his staff will identify which tooth is damaged.
  2. The damaged tooth is reshaped so the crown can fit over it.
  3. The dental crown is placed over the damaged tooth and cemented into place.
  4. You can brush and floss as usual to keep your teeth healthy.

Crowns are also called caps, but we prefer the term crown because we treat our patients like royalty at South Charlotte Dentistry. A crown can return the structure, strength, and function to a tooth that has been damaged or suffered decay. Crowns are designed to fit snugly and function as a healthy tooth. No more sensitivity issues or chronic pain due to cracked, broken or otherwise damaged teeth.

Once a crown is in place, you can care for it in the same way as your natural teeth. Brushing twice a day and daily flossing will keep your crown as well as the rest of your teeth in tip top condition.

At South Charlotte Dentistry, we offer traditional crowns and CEREC same-day crowns. Depending on your tooth’s condition, Dr. Wells will recommend the best solution.