Though no one is ever excited about losing a tooth after the age of 10, it is an unfortunate fact that many Americans will lose an adult tooth. In fact, the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons recently discovered that as many as seventy percent of American adults have lost at minimum one adult tooth, and many adult Americans have lost even more than that. Other research has recently shown that almost thirty percent of adults over seventy four have lost all of their natural teeth. But luckily for us this doesn’t have to mean some of the same things that it used to. There have been great advances in dental implant technology in recent years which have led to increased access of this technology for those who would have previously had difficulty in attaining new dental prosthetics.

Luckily for South Charlotte patients, Dr James A. Wells has the latest and greatest available in dental implant and crown technology. Dr. Wells ensures that he orders only the best dental implant materials that look and feel just like real teeth. But even though we love to make sure your oral health is as good as it possibly can be, we also know that preventative care is the best kind of care. Most of the time tooth loss can be stopped before it happens with preventative care.

And even if you do already have some dental implants or missing teeth, or maybe you have all of your natural teeth and take excellent care of your teeth, diligence is key. No matter what your oral health situation is it is important to always maintain your preventative care routine. If you have no missing teeth then you will prevent them with preventative care, and even if you are missing all of your teeth preventative care can save you from gingivitis and other health difficulties that affect your whole body wellness. You should brush and floss every day and make sure you keep appointments for routine dental check ups! Hopefully together we can all work hard to make sure the rise of the use of dental implants decreases and patients are able to keep more and more of their natural teeth!

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