Dr. Wells and his expert team of dental professionals want you to consider dental onlays.

What Are Dental Onlays?

A dental onlay, or a “partial crown,” is a dental restoration procedure that restores large cavities. A dental onlay incorporates cusps and covers the biting surface of the damaged tooth.

Why Should I Consider Dental Onlays?

You want to avoid dental crowns if the damage is not severe enough. Crowns remove the tooth’s structure more than what is needed if the damage is not severe. Thus, a Dental Fillings, South Charlotte Dentisrty, Dentisrty, Dental Fillings Charlotte“partial crown” is more in line with what you need. The onlay conserves the tooth’s structure without eliminating cusps. Dental onlays are an option if you have moderate decay or if you have fractured or cracked teeth. In short, if a significant portion of your tooth is healthy, dental onlays are your best option.

The Benefits of Dental Onlays

  • They strengthen the teeth, potentially up to 75%.
  • They are more durable than fillings and quite often last longer, potentially up to 30 years with proper care.
  • They allow the tooth to live on, thus potentially preventing additional dental treatments later down the road.

The Process

Knowing what to expect before any dental procedure is always a plus. The process for dental onlays begins with the removal of any decay and damage. Dental onlays are made generally made with Cerec but occasionally an impression will need to be taken. Most onlays are porcelain to match the natural color of your teeth. Gold and composite resin are also options to consider. Your damaged tooth will receive some type of filling while you wait for your onlay to be created. Once the onlay is ready, it is cemented into place with a resin adhesive. Lastly, a polish is applied to produce a smooth finish to the newly enhanced tooth.

South Charlotte Family & Cosmetic Dentistry firmly believes in providing our patients with multiple options when decay and damage wreak havoc on their teeth. Dental onlays are one such option. Obviously, taking great care of your teeth by brushing, flossing, and visiting Dr. Wells is of utter importance.