Dr. Wells and his staff would like to thank Bradd Blocker for his efforts in Nayahururu, Kenya at The Home of the Good Shepherd.  The world is a better place because of people like Mr. Blocker.

This is his letter to Dr. Wells.

Thank You Dr. James Wells!

My name is Bradd Blocker and I am a long time patient of Dr. Wells. This past summer I had the opportunity to go on a Mission trip to Nyahururu, Kenya.  Part of our Mission trip was working with the children of The Home of the Good Shepherd, an orphanage in Nyahururu, which houses 65 children. I had the opportunity to spend a lot of time with all of the children and hold a day of Vocational Bible School for them. I was able to bring these children donated clothing and supplies that are in desperate need and in which they use on a daily basis. Part of these supplies included tooth brushes and toothpaste donated by Dr. James Wells. All of the children were so thankful for all they received. They are a remarkable group of children and I am so thankful for the generosity and support from Dr. James Wells and his staff at South Charlotte Dentistry. This was an extremely rewarding and life changing experience, not just for me but for everyone I met in Kenya. It was so enlightening to see how God is working in the lives of all of these children.

Thank you Dr. James Wells for all of your help.

Dr. Wells supports Bradd Blocker, Kenya Orphanage Outreach

Bradd Blocker with Children from The Home of the Good Shepherd, Kenya


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