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Dr. Wells of South Charlotte Dentistry examines why people hate going to the dentist. If you are looking for a gentle dentist near me, you have come to the right place. South Charlotte Dentistry takes a modern, minimally-invasive approach to dentistry. “We are not here to poke and prod our patients,” says Dr. James Wells. “We hold our patients’ comfort in the highest regard.”
Why do people Hate the Dentist?
PAIN. We all want to avoid pain. It’s a natural response. “A lot of patients ask me ‘Is this going to hurt?’” says Dr. Wells. “The answer is not always easy.” Tooth pain is some of the worst pain we experience as humans. Remember Tom Hanks in Castaway, it’s hard not to cringe when he practices ice skate dentistry.
“Thankfully, modern dentistry is focused on comfort and convenience,” says Dr. Wells. At South Charlotte Dentistry, we are experts at pain management and will help you have a comfortable experience.
NEEDLES. Needles are the worst. If you have ever had your teeth pulled, you have probably experienced a needle to the gums to numb the area. At South Charlotte Dentistry, we only use the needle when necessary. And yes, sometimes it is necessary to give a local anesthetic before starting the procedure. But we are great at distracting your attention away from the needle!
DRILL. Nobody likes the sound of the drill. Not even the dentist! But if you haven’t been to the dentist in a while, you may not know that the drills are quieter now! They aren’t the same brain-rattling devices of long ago.
QUESTIONS. Maybe you hate going to the dentist simply because you haven’t been taking care of your teeth. You might get anxiety thinking about the lecture your dentist is going to give you about flossing and proper brushing techniques. Plus, how annoying is that the dentist asks you questions with his hands in your mouth? Well, at South Charlotte Dentistry, we take a different approach. We give you tips on how to start a flossing habit, but we don’t lecture you. And we take our hands out of your mouth so you can answer!
COST. You may want to go to the dentist, but are afraid it’s going to cost an arm and a leg. At South Charlotte Dentistry, we try to keep our costs low. We work with our patients with no insurance to set up payment plans. We also file with insurance companies on our patient’s behalf. We have streamlined the process. And we give new patients a great introductory price of $49 for a dental exam with full x-rays.
South Charlotte Dentistry is located in Ballantyne at 7741 Ballantyne Commons Pkwy Charlotte NC 28277. We hope to have curbed your dental anxiety a little. If you have questions or concerns before making your appointment, give us a call at 704-759-0908.

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