Holiday Sweets and Tooth Decay

How to Avoid Sweets this Holiday Season!
We love the holidays but the amount of sweets can be detrimental to our teeth and waistline! If you have a sweet tooth- then this time of year can be especially hard. And no, Dr. Wells has figured out a way to extract your sweet tooth- but he’s working on it.
Tips on Avoiding Sweets:
• Take Care of your Emotions- This may sound a little sensitive, but we often reach for sweets when we are feeling emotional. The holidays can be a stressful time- organizing potlucks and parties, dealing with extended family, or fighting the shopping crowds. So before you fill your plate with cakes and pies- check in with yourself.
• Eat Well- You know that this time of year you will be inundated with work parties and social gathering where you won’t have a choice in what you eat. So prepare ahead of time- eat healthy before you go to a party. Make sure you get plenty of protein and fat to satiate your hunger. While you are at the party- choose one thing to indulge in and leave the rest alone.
• Cook Well- If you are going to potluck or party- volunteer to bring something. This way you can control at least one thing at the party. You can bring something healthy or a sweet with reduced sugar.
• Limit your alcohol- Drinking this time of year also seems to increase- so be sure to limit your intake. Not only do cocktails add extra calories, they also lessen your resolve to avoid sweets.
• Keep water at Hand- One way to curb your sweet tooth is to drink a large glass of water when you get a sugar craving. It is not an absolute cure, but can give you a boost of hydration and make you feel a little stronger.
• Keep Working Out- It is easy to fluff off during the holidays, but because you will probably be indulging a little more than usual, try to stick to your workout routine. Not only is exercise a natural stress reliever, it can help you resist the dessert table. You wouldn’t want to undo all your hard work for a single piece of cake!
Avoiding sweets during the holiday is not easy, but these tips can help you make some good choices. Too many sweets, especially sticky ones like peanut brittle, can really cause havoc to your smile. Sugar lets bacteria breed which leads to cavities and other problems. If you do indulge in candy or desserts, be sure to drink water afterwards to help remove the residue of sugar.
And if you think you might already be developing a cavity- make an appointment with South Charlotte Dentistry!

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