sensodyne, sensitivity, sensitive teeth, tooth painDr. Wells recommends Sensodyne as an everyday toothpaste, especially for patients with sensitive teeth but also for those who do not experience sensitivity. Whatever your experience with sensitivity is, it is always a good idea to safeguard yourself against potential pains since there are no negative effects of using a sensitivity toothpaste.

Sensodyne is a great toothpaste, but when confronted with the sticker price many often wonder if the toothpaste is really worth that much. At the internet marketing department here at CCP Web Design we looked at how Sensodyne typically compares with a leading sensitivity competitor, Aquafresh sensitive.

The difference in price between the two toothpastes is the first thing you’re bound to notice. Sensodyne rings up at just over $4.00 at Walmart, where Aquafresh runs at about $2.75. That price difference can be enough to turn anyone off of Sensodyne, but it’s important to remember that sometimes with higher prices you are paying for quality!

Our reviewers each used the two different toothpastes for one week each. Each of the reviewers spent one week with Sensodyne, switched to their normal toothpaste for one week, and then used Aquafresh for a week. The results really showed which one of the brands provided the best sensitivity relief.

One reviewer, who had suffered from sensitive teeth before trying the toothpastes, wrote “With Sensodyne, you can feel the sensitivity going away with the very first brush stroke. My teeth have never felt better! I couldn’t feel any difference after the first use of the Aquafresh, and after a week I felt very little sensitivity relief compared to what I had felt before using Aquafresh.”

This may be due in part to the fact that the Aquafresh sensitivity paste advertises on the tube that it “gently whitens while you brush.” Whitening products, especially at home products, can be damaging to enamel. It can be safe to use whitening products, but this is best done under the supervision of a dentist like Dr. Wells. It is especially harmful to use whitening products if you already have sensitive teeth, since whitening products tend to exacerbate sensitivity. Including whitening agents in a sensitivity toothpaste could easily nullify the effects of any sensitivity relief agents, and our researchers could not find any sensitivity Aquafresh that did not also contain a whitening agent.

Another reviewer commented on the taste of Sensodyne compared to Aquafresh “The Sensodyne has a strong taste, but it is still pleasant despite its strength. The aftertaste is great too. That toothpaste flavor goes away shortly after brushing but isn’t terrible while you’re waiting for it to go away. The Aquafresh had a much grittier and unpleasant taste. The aftertaste was equally strong.”

Reviewers on the popular tend to agree. Sensodyne has nothing but good reviews. “Almost overnight I had two teeth become so sensitive to sweet, cold, heat, even just breathing through my mouth that just eating was painful. After two days of Sensodyne things were much better and after four days almost back to normal. Very happy with the results.” –Michael Sean,

Even other dentists recommend the use of Sensodyne: “My dentist recommended this and I’ve been using it for three years now. The sensitivity of my teeth has definitely improved and I can’t imagine not continuing with it forever.” –stevenzac (Long Island),

Overall our researchers found that Sensodyne is the most popular sensitivity toothpaste- and for a good reason! It is definitely worth the hike in price, especially if you already have very sensitive teeth!

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