A study by Sirona Dental Systems on the efficacy of CEREC same-day crowns claims the technology and materials used to make the crowns creates longer lasting, stronger crowns than any previous method of crown fabrication to date. Charlotte dentist, Dr. James A. Wells of South Charlotte Dentistry agrees. Dr. Wells is offering CEREC same-day crowns and says, “I wouldn’t practice without it.”

According to Dr. Wells, the restorations are more precise and predictable than traditional crowns made in a laboratory and he also places a high value on the convenience and quality of care CEREC provides to the patient. “Patients can come in and get crowns without having to come back for a second appointment,” says Dr. Wells.

Previous methods for restorations and crowns involved messy impressions and weeks of waiting, while wearing a temporary crown. CEREC uses 3D imaging, not dental molds, made from impressions. As a result, it is often not necessary to remove as much healthy tooth material as is required by the traditional creation of a crown. Dr. Wells says, “CEREC leaves more of the tooth intact, protecting the tooth’s structural integrity.”

CEREC crowns are made from single blocks of dental porcelain. This allows the dentist to create the crown with exacting detail, resulting in a crown that fits well and is more similar to the original, natural tooth enamel in hardness, texture and appearance. The process takes only minutes and the crown is placed and polished in the same appointment.

According to a recent secret shopper survey, many Charlotte area dentists still don’t offer same-day or CEREC crowns. Many of the dentists surveyed reported that they did not offer the CEREC same-day crown because they feared it was not a high quality restoration, but this is based on false information. Studies consistently show that the CEREC same-day crown is the best system for crowns currently on the market.
Some dentists who use the CEREC same-day crown believe that dentists who aren’t using it fear the new technology or have financing concerns. One dentist surveyed said “CEREC could be one of the greatest advances in recent dental history. Perhaps those who don’t use it do not have the time to learn.”

There is mounting evidence that CEREC crown is the best dental technology available for patients needing a crown. It provides high quality for long-term dental health and offers a more convenient, less intrusive experience for the patient. Dr. Wells offers CEREC same-day crowns in Charlotte and says, “Learning about CEREC is one of the best professional decisions I’ve ever made.”

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