What is Reconstructive Dentistry?

Reconstructive DentistryOur mouths are filled with a mixture of both soft and hard tissues. The hard tissue areas, such as the teeth and jaw, are connected to soft tissue areas like the gums and tongue. Sometimes, whether due to an accident or occurring naturally, problems can arise with the tissues in the mouth. These problems consist of missing or broken teeth, improperly seated jaw joints, faulty bites, gum and jawbone damage, warn-down dental work, and even some mouth diseases. Reconstructive dentistry is the procedure of fixing any or all of these issues so the components of the mouth work together in harmony.

Here are a few specific reconstructive procedures practiced at South Charlotte Dentistry:

  • Oral Surgery: this consists of root canal therapy, tooth extractions, and soft and hard tissue grafting.
  • Bruxism Treatments: these are various treatments designed to repair the symptoms of excessive teeth grinding.
  • Cosmetic Dentistry: this includes porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, gum re-contouring, and dental bonding.
  • Implant Dentistry: this procedure uses dental implants to replace missing teeth, which includes directly replicating the missing tooth from the root to the crown.

Are You a Candidate for Reconstructive Dentistry?

If you have most of or all the oral health problems listed above, you are a candidate for either partial or full mouth reconstructive dentistry. This type of treatment includes general anesthesia, so it is of high importance the patient is healthy enough to be put under.

The first step in finding out if you are indeed a candidate for such a practice is to visit us at South Charlotte Dentistry, or call us at 704-759-0908 to make an appointment. If reconstructive dentistry is not a viable option, we can advise you on other practices that might be more suitable.