Snap On Smile is a wonderful new technology that can allow you to get your smile back in two short and painless procedures, but some seem to think that it could be harmful to patients. This cosmetic procedure is perfect for those of us who would like to make our smile just right, but don’t always have it in the budget to get a celebrity perfect smile. Snap On Smile makes it affordable to have gorgeous teeth and without having to undergo any invasive and uncomfortable procedures.

First, what exactly is the Snap On Smile? Snap On Smile is a dental fixture that easily snaps over top of your natural teeth and covers them up. They will snap right on top of your existing teeth and can be worn in nearly any situation. You don’t even have to buy a dental adhesive like Poligrip. The Snap On Smile snaps right into place without needing any adhesive. It comes with its own carrying case which is equipped with a mirror to help you snap the Snap On Smile into place, a solution for keeping your Snap On Smile clean by soaking, and an anti-bacterial solution that should be used on the inside of the Snap On Smile just before it is snapped into place in order to avoid accumulating bacteria between the device and your natural teeth.

The best part is that the Snap On Smile process is painless and does not require a lot of time and intrusion like many other cosmetic dental procedures do. Dr. Wells will take an impression of your upper and lower teeth at his Ballantyne office in just one visit. You can then choose the shape and shade that you want for your new smile, and Dr. Wells will send your order off to be formed. In about two weeks the Snap On Smile should make it back to South Charlotte Dentistry, and then you can wear it home. It is even painless to wear, and users report that no one can ever tell they are wearing it.

The problem is that there is some debate over whether the Snap On Smile will encourage people to avoid having procedures done to fix harmful dental problems such as cavities and gum disease. The flaw in this argument however is that Dr. Wells would never suggest Snap On Smile as a permanent solution to any dental problem that could affect your health. If you have cavities or other harmful oral health issues but would like to try Snap On Smile, you should talk to Dr. Wells about your unique situation so that you can get a beautiful new Snap On Smile without compromising your health. The Snap On Smile makes a perfect temporary solution to people with oral health problems, as a way to try out a new smile while you work on taking care of your oral health with Dr. Wells. Snap On Smile is also a great alternative for those who are not medically capable of undergoing other dental procedures such as those who are currently undergoing chemotherapy or other radiation treatment. And of course Snap On Smile is a wonderful alternative to cosmetic surgery for those who have problems with their smile that do not affect their health such as crooked and cracked teeth, as well as many others. The chart below gives an excellent idea of who are the best candidates for Snap On Smile.

If you would like to make an appointment with Dr. Wells and the South Charlotte Dentistry team, feel free to stop by Dr. Wells’ Ballantyne office, or call him at 704-759-0908.

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