These days the “Do It Yourself” attitude can be a pervasive and convincing one, but is it always best? There are just some things that are best left to the professionals, and teeth whitening is one of them. People commonly want to know if teeth whitening or bleaching are safe, and whether it is better to go to the dentist or to do it at home. Teeth whitening is perfectly safe for teeth, but it should be done under the close supervision of a dentist.

What types of whitening are offered?

At South Charlotte Dentistry, two types of whitening are offered. There is the ZOOM! Whitening method, which uses the ZOOM! Whitening gel and a UVA light to brighten your teeth in an hour’s visit with Dr. Wells, and traditional in-office teeth whitening trays which can also drastically improve your smile in a matter of only an hour. At home your only options are the trays, which are of much lower quality than the ones available at South Charlotte Dentistry. I can personally attest to their inferior quality, having used them before. The level of whitening that is available from over the counter trays is barely noticeable, if at all.

But are they safe?

Many over the counter whitening trays can be harmful to tooth enamel. The products themselves are safe, but they should be used under the supervision of a dentist. If the whitening trays are used improperly or taken in larger doses than recommended, they can have disastrous effects on tooth enamel. When the enamel wears away the teeth become fragile and translucent, and the patient becomes more susceptible to tooth decay and loss.

If you are interested in having your teeth whitened, be sure to make an appointment with Dr. Wells’ Ballantyne office. You can contact him for an appointment on his website at or call 704-759-0908.

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