Brighten up your look

Teeth WhiteningSomeone once said, “I’ve never seen a smiling face that wasn’t beautiful.”But, sadly, many people don’t smile. They want to, but they’re embarrassed about their teeth. Maybe they’re self-conscious about yellowing or brown stains caused by years of smoking and coffee and tea drinking. Maybe the years have caused a dullness or grayness. Maybe they’re convinced that discolored teeth are just hereditary and there’s nothing they can do to fight it.

Does any of this sound like you?

Let Dr. Wells and his staff at South Charlotte Family and Cosmetic Dentistry help you achieve the beautiful white smile you deserve. Tooth whitening, or tooth bleaching, is considered a cosmetic dental procedure and these days, it’s very common. We offer two safe and effective methods of tooth whitening to our patients. Dr. Wells will help you chose the method that’s right for you and the one that will help you get the best results.

Whitening Trays

For some patients, whitening trays are the way to go. The advantage of using whitening trays is that it is less expensive. On the down side, it takes longer. It’s an effective method and a much better solution than using an over-the-counter drugstore method. To start, Dr. Wells will fit your teeth with vinyl trays. Fitting is important; the tray needs to be snug enough to keep the gel on your teeth but loose enough to provide even coverage of your teeth. And a good fit is important for comfort as well. He will prescribe a teeth whitening gel for you to take home and use in your trays. The gel contains a carbamide peroxide of about 20 percent to 35 percent concentration. When placed in the tray, this carbamide peroxide reacts with your saliva to become hydrogen peroxide. You will wear the trays for two to four hours each day. It usually takes about three weeks to complete the process, but you may notice a difference in about two days.

The increased sensitivity we have seen rise right along with the sales and popularity of take-home whitening products is due to a lethal procedure: hydrogen peroxide robs your teeth of electrons and enamel begins to break down. The gums begin to recede, exposing sensitive nerves, resulting in that hateful sting that comes at the first contact of cool air or liquid.

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At South Charlotte Dentistry, we know that no two patients are the same, and no two mouths are exactly alike. That’s why we want to help you choose the best way to get the bright, confident smile you want. Not everyone is a candidate for teeth whitening, but we’ll be happy to talk with you about the best treatment for you. If you’d like to find out more, please call our office at 704-759-0908 for an appointment today.