TMJ Hope is an information and support community for people who suffer from TMJ, a painful disorder referring to the painful inflammation of the jaw where it connects to the skull. This disorder is most commonly caused by bruxism, and can require many painful surgeries to correct. TMJ Hope is launching a fundraising campaign to turn their organization into a non-profit, so that they can maximize their supports for sufferers of TMJ.

TMJ affects an estimated 35 million Americans, and probably more since the disorder is difficult to diagnose. Sometimes the symptoms of TMJ will appear to be minute jaw pains that seem normal and are expected to go away on their own. Often it is not until surgery is necessary until patients realize that their pain has become chronic and disruptive. TMJ causes pain in the jaw and face, and causes some difficulty in opening and closing the mouth. This can be devastatingly disruptive to a person’s normal life.

There is not a lot of support or awareness for TMJ sufferers, so there is definite need for a program like TMJ Hope to become a nonprofit. The fundraiser campaign includes a raffle for over 40 jaw-friendly products and the unveiling of a brand new TMJ Hope website. TMJ Hope hopes that the raffle and website will increase awareness and provide community support.

Sponsor products will be given away in the raffle, and there are some really great prizes! Companies such as Cuisinart, Pressure Positive, Violight, Sleep Matterzz, Face Caddy, Makura, Core Products, Cynthia Peterson PT, Chobani, Theracane, Heavenly Heat, and Bruder Healthcare are providing the sponsored raffle products, all of which will be great for sufferers of TMJ. There will be books, pillows, heating pads, blenders, and protein powder as part of the prizes, as well as other products!

The fundraiser and raffle are starting today and are only a fraction of the awareness campaigns that TMJ Hope has in store for its organization. TMJ Hope wants to raise awareness about this terrible disorder and provide the support that TMJ sufferers and their families need. If you think you may have TMJ, don’t wait until your pain becomes chronic to talk to Dr. James A. Wells with South Charlotte Dentistry. The sooner you are able to receive treatment, the sooner you can find some relief from your symptoms, and the likelihood that you will need surgery will go down. Talk to Dr. Wells today about your TMJ pain, by visiting our contact us page or calling 704-759-0908!

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